Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You Need This Book!

I'm pre-ordering mine tomorrow. You've read me mention one of my good friends and awesome writer, Shellie Zacharia. Her short story collection is coming out and you need this book. Really. You do. You'll write and thank me later. You'll will. See the site below to pre-order. Shellie's stories are funny and hip and her characters say all the things you wish you would and then just when you think it's safe to keep laughing, POW, right to the kisser. Get it, you'll love it.

Here are a couple of other sites to check out. Some contests and other things that have been e-mailed to me.

These two are out of Sarah Lawrence--call for submissions and a contest

This is a cool online journal for poetry and prose

Check this chapbook press that takes fiction as well as poetry.

Happy writing, kids.

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