Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Adventures of Busy Amy--New Online Mag!

So I thought I didn't have enough to do...enter major project of mass reading and time in front of computer. Fit in between family, friends, own writing, full time job, garden (let's face it, that baby is on its own), housework, etc.

Let idea roll around in brain for some time, but put off doing due to lack of real computer skills with which to create and manage the needed website.

Oh, yeah, and I'm going back to school in the fall.

Enter friend with massive talent in graphic design and misguided (and probably regretted--thanks Matt) decision to help out.

And you get:

Blue Lotus Review

Does anyone need their car washed, house painted, laundry folded? I think I'm free this time next year for a few minutes, if you don't mind me checking my e-mail while I'm working.

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Anonymous said...

Blue Lotus looks great!