Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's Getting Hot in Here

If I can keep focus that is. Was it Poe who said that writing success was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration?

I may have the numbers and the name wrong, but the idea is spot on.

I've been writing for 20 years. Off and on mind you--around college and kids and moves and career changes. But if I'm honest with myself it's been more off than on and more my own laziness that has seen that many years go by without the success that might have been.

Suffice it to say--I've yet to break sweat.

I've done ok, for not trying all that hard--nearly a dozen stories in print. Not a bad showing. But I haven't really tried to get my longer pieces on paper (that didn't come out of my own printer that is.)

So, now that I don't have a full time job (other than wife, mother, housekeeper etc) to blame for my lack of time--I really have no excuse not to turn up the heat.

At least I'll be able to say I tried.

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