Monday, July 4, 2011

Ouch! (and check out this new blog)

Was is me who was going on about "if you're not being rejected, you're just not trying?" Well, I must be trying pretty hard, because I'm getting a daily dose of rejection to remind me of my effort.

Gotta say, it's a bummer.

Ah well, such is the writing biz. I keep lobbing them out there and they keep going foul. Or some other misquoted sports analogy. :-)

Bright spot--In about a weeks time, I'm headed up to Wildacres Writers Workshop. I've been going there for 15 years or more. My husband and I met there, so it's always a time of reconnection for us. But writing wise, it's a time of rejuvenation for me. With kids and housework, a (very) part time job, and life in general--it's nice to get a week of devoted thinking and writing time.

I'm taking a novel that I'm excited about this year to work on a "final" ha ha draft before I query it up and send it out.

Wish me luck.

One of my dearest friends from Wildacres, Gary Floyd, has started a new blog that you should check out. I admit, I'm not always up on whats up in the real world-but he is and I'm excited about learning a thing or two from his blog.

Check it out! Labor's Pains the working class in this new economy.

Well, hang in there if you're getting rejected, and if you're not--jump in, the water is fine.


Gary Floyd said...

Thanks for plug Amy.

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Amy,
Hope you have a relaxing, but productive, time at Wildacres.