Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Insanity or Determination?

So they say the definition of insanity is repeating the same action, yet expecting a different result. (Personally, I think the definition is more along the lines of standing on the street corner in your underwear singing the Star Spangled Banner while feeding a stray dog corn on the cob.)

So would you call it insanity to keep writing, querying, hoping, alas--failing and then going back to do it all over again? Or would you call it determination?

Either way, I like to think that it's the mark of a writer who means it. Someone who will write and submit their work and rewrite and search again and not take no for an answer. (Not that said writer doesn't get bummed out for a little while in the process--she's only human.) But what's "a little while?"

Well, a few minutes ago, I just heard "no" from an agent who very kindly and excitedly asked to read my novel, but in the end, graciously passed on representing it. She had very encouraging words about my writing skills, which was nice to hear. (This is what we call a "good rejection." Writers sure can spin words can't we.) I pouted for a minute, called my husband, sighed heavily and then opened my computer and started writing.

Hair of the dog that bit me? I guess so. But bite away, dog, bite away.


Donna Volkenannt said...

My vote is for determination, although most writers I know are a bit daft, except you, Amy.

Hope all is well with you and RJ and the kiddos.

Amy Willoughby Burle said...

Thanks, Donna!!

Susan Scott said...

A little bit of insanity and a lot of determination will get you where you want to be Amy!