Sunday, November 11, 2012

When Babies Take Naps at 5pm...

Moms have to drink coffee because they're got to be up til 2. It's my own fault really. But this exercise in staying up and being focused--and actually opening the laptop and writing this post might be blowing my "I can't write after 11pm" excuse.

We shall see.,.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I've been doing the NaNoWriMo challenge and having some decent success. I've gotten about 13,000 words written in 10 days, which doesn't really seem like that much I guess, but when you figure that usually takes me more than a month to get that done, I feel like I'm trucking right along.

Because it's a daily writing challenge (50,000 in 30 days) it's gotten me  to alter my usual writing schedule. I usually only write on Thursday. My wonderful husband takes Thursday off, stays with the kids, and I go into his office and spend the day writing. This is wonderful because it gives me hours at a time to review and edit and read through parts that I need that sort of uninterrupted time.

I had let myself believe that with three kids at home all day (I home school) there was no way I could write everyday and I let myself off the hook, so to speak.

But taking this NaNoWriMo challenge calls for more than just Thursdays. So I decided to throw housework to the wind and write everyday.

I have to be ready to roll at the drop of a nap (I write when the baby sleeps and there's no set schedule for that.) It also means I have to toss my excuses out the window.

I can't write if there's a mess in the kitchen.
I can't write if there's laundry to do.
I can't write if the floor needs to be vacuumed.
I can't write if we're not done with lessons.
I can't write if my favorite cooking show is on.

But you know what, it turns out that I can.

I can actually clean later. We can do math after 3pm. I can watch TV some other time. (I probably wasn't going to remember that recipe anyway.)

They say it takes 30 days to make something a habit. We'll see come December 1st.

Until then, I'm off to write...the laundry will wait.