Saturday, October 22, 2011

Report From Cloud Nine

I'm thrilled to announce that my short story collection Somewhere Between What Was and What Will Be (or What Is--as quick witted friend Bill Spencer joked) is slated for publication in the fall of 2012 from Press 53.

I'm excited to be attending Press 53's annual Wine & Words Festival tonight (Oct 22n) where Kevin Watson will be announcing the winners of their annual Open Awards Contest and debuting the 2012 Open Awards Anthology. A couple of my friends-- Debbie Daniel and Kristen Sherman--were finalist in areas of that contest Congrats!

I've been a fan of Press 53 for some time and I'm honored to soon be one of the authors in their house. Many thanks!

In other news, you may know about this site, but if not, I happened upon a contest site called Just a Contest that lists all manner of competition in many different categories. Take a look at that.

I was pleased to see my old friends Saturday Writers have a contest listed there. Check them out and pass that on to your friends.

The weather is getting chilly and for this warmblooded creature, that means outdoor activities are about to get limited. So I'll be taking that indoor time to write and check out that contest site. I hope you will too.

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