Monday, January 5, 2009

How Not to Get Published

For anyone who has a good artistic endeavor that they want needlessly to postpone completing, here are some steps to take make sure that your project never sees the light of day.

1. Blog about how your project will never see the light of day.
2. Do the dishes.
3. Walk the dog.
4. Contemplate starting an excerise routine.
5. Brew a pot of coffee instead.
6. Check on your friends on Facebook to see if they are being productive.
7. Make a list of things you're doing to waste time.
8. Proofread the list.
9. Realize your not a good enough speller to notice if you have misspelled anything.
10. Also wonder why a person who writes never learned the proper way to type.

Now, you've wasted some time. job well done.

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