Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today's cool factor

I was challenged by a beautiful friend of mine, Heather, to do something cool today and write about it. I'm off work today and without a car, so my travel options are open on the one hand and limited on the other. But earlier, my husband and I went to a new church--strike that--a really old church that we had never been to before.

The Saint Lawrence Basilica in downtown Asheville. We've been attending a Catholic Church much closer to our house but the beauty of the downtown building and a desire for something--as my husband says "more Catholic" drew us to this church.

It's amazing inside, high dome ceiling, amazing brick work, stain glass, old wood pews and kneelers that creak with the weight of many years of worship and praise. Incense and sunlight in just the right combination to make you feel as though you're looking through the keyhole of heaven. I couldn't help but feel the real presence of Jesus and to be inspired and awed.

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs may be, take some time to remember and appreciate what draws you to them what they draw out of you.

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