Saturday, January 3, 2009

The truth hurts

Let me tell you about a tarot card reading that lurks just to the back and right of my head. Up on this magic mountain in NC a wonderful writer and gifted reader of the cards read for me based on my question of "what's up with my writing career?"

I got a great reading. Cards falling down from the gods. "This is every great writing card that you can get." On and on went the praise--awards, attention, blah blah blah.... and then the kicker...

"I'm just not sure you'll do it."

Ouch. Bascially--I've got all the right stuff as is were, but am likely to be to lazy in my efforts to actually acheive anything!!

The truth hurts. This was several years ago. I see it all happening just that way...several credits, some dabbling here and there...but have I really given myself over to this whole process.

No! Again, with the no, the Happy New Year this year will be the year and then oops, here we are starting another year and what did I do.....

Well, here goes again! If you find yourself the victim of your own lack of passion--let's give it another try together. What say?

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