Sunday, June 14, 2009


OK, folks. Just a quick list of some contests that look interesting. I go to a workshop in the mountains every year in July, and the approach of that week in paradise always gets me extra motivated to send more stories out, enter more contests, and brush off old ideas that have been beggng for their turn at the page.

Here's a few contests that I got from Poets and Writers--which by the way--if you don't subscibe to some or other writing mag, I suggest you do. I like P&W. It has great contest info, articles and a series at the present from agents and editors that will make you want to seek professional help for wanting to be a writer in the first place. But, despite's a great mag. It's good motivation and good info.

Here's a few that looked interesting to me:
June 30th:
Atumn House Press: $1000 and $1500 travel for either book of poetry or fiction,

June 3oth
Hidden River Arts
$1000 and pub of short story.

July 15th
Santa Fe Writers Project: $1750 for work of fiction. Prizes for second and third also.

Check those out, there is still time to enter.

Until then....

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