Monday, June 22, 2009

Average American White Girl

So I wrote a novel. Trouble is, it isn't set in Sri Lanka or Pakistan. It isn't the least bit political. The main character isn't a drug addict or a cross-dresser. Worse, I myself am not a drug addict or a cross dresser. I wasn't adopted into a family of gypsies. I'm not from New York.

I'm just an everyday American white chick. My family is the normal everyday amount of dysfunctional. Not at all daytime TV talk show worthy and certainly not a Dateline contender. What can I possibly have to say? What would the writers magazines be interested in? What would my shocking headline be?

Here's what I know: What life feels like. (I bet you know it too.)
Here's what I write: What life feels like. (Isn't that what most of us really want to read.)

I hope so.

So, I'll not be discouraged by the writing mags. Let them feature what they want. I'll be writing what the rest of us know. And hopefully, one day I'll shock the world with



Margo Dill said...

Love this post! :) And you know I think your writing is brilliant. :) Margo

Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Amy,
Great post. I look forward to the day your novel is published--and that day will soon.